The American Soul Knows Principle Trumps Politics

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John Quincy Adams“Under governments purely republican, where every citizen has a deep interest in the affairs of the nation, and in some form of public assembly, has the means and opportunity of delivering his opinions, and of communicating his sentiments by speech; where government itself has no aims but those of persuasion; where prejudice has not acquired an uncontrolled ascendancy, and faction is yet confined within the barriers of peace; the voice of eloquence will not be heard in vain. March then with firm, with steady, with undeviating step, to the prize of your high calling. . . . Consecrate, above all, the faculties of your life to the cause of truth, of freedom, and of humanity. So shall your country ever gladden at the sound of your voice, and every talent, added to your accomplishments, become another blessing to mankind.”
John Quincy Adams – Harvard University Inaugural Oration

What beautifully spoken language. What wonderful things the internet facilitates…


Courage to Save the U.S. Auto Industry

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Watching the heads of the three U.S. auto manufacturers testify before the House Financial Services Committee, all I see is more of the same, lame circus that is the material life of America in the 21st century.

If these brain dead piles of driftwood calling themselves “representatives” cannot see the auto industry represents untapped capacity to fashion the equipment and tools necessary to revitalize the nation’s infrastructure, such that this country might once again become a net-exporting, powerhouse of physical goods production, then why don’t they just step down and go back to their law practices where they can manage their ways to the millions of dollars awaiting prosecutors of the unprecedented fraud that has been perpetrated by Wall Street financiers on their watch?

That U.S. auto executives have to waste their time sitting in front of these pathetically weak characters … that they do not see the $25 billion the auto makers need to stay afloat is a pittance — a drop in the bucket … is proof enough any sane American need see to recognize these folks are not up to the task of public service.

And that these so-called “industry leaders” are not calling Congress out on this is an even more disgusting sign of the times in which we live. The “home of the brave?” Ha! It plainly has become the burrow of the yellow-bellied coward. Plainly, to get anywhere in this nation it appears a pathetic, driveling suit is what you must reduce yourself to be if you are to gain the credentials to “lead”…

Was Wall Street Worth the Cost of Your Seat, Ms. Slaughter?

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Take a moment and watch this 30 second video…

Hey, what do you know! Congresswoman Slaughter wants to hear from us.

Thanks for coming.

Will you stand up with me against this Wall Street bailout she supported?

Let me begin by expressing my outrage over how anyone calling themselves a Democrat, like Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, could vote for the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.”

This is the despised Wall Street bailout. Enacted into law yesterday (10.3.08) with all haste, it appropriates $700 billion to buy up worthless mortgage securities whose original issuance is responsible for no end of misery to the American people.

Hey, I am just a little guy, like you. I am just as perplexed about what we can do. But I had this idea…

Can we somehow make a political statement?

But how? Well, I thought simply by leading a charge to vote Louise Slaughter out of office. This for her support of the Wall Street bailout legislation.

I know, this probably seems far-fetched. But with some momentum, it could take on a life of its own.

The sole objective simply is to send a unified message, and do this at the expense of Louise Slaughter’s seat in Congress. Why should we lay down and accept a representative who clearly lacks the courage to stand up on matters of sound principle?

This bailout package is an abomination. It is no solution to the severe economic problems we face. It is a gift to those who are responsible for putting our nation in the terribly vulnerable position we find ourselves.

On a moment’s notice the Treasury Secretary — one of Wall Street’s own — blackmails the People, just before the Congress is preparing to leave town.

And then there’s the Congress … putting on a good show for one day, pretending to listen to the People … and then three days later it just lays down.

What a bunch of pathetic jellyfish!

Our economy is incapable of generating enough wealth to pay even its current debt obligations, let alone those being added by this bailout. If the Congress possessed even an ounce of courage, it would have taken the extraordinary step it eventually will have to take.

We are months away from a bankruptcy reorganization of the entire financial system.

Hey, I am not here to lecture you. The solutions to our economy’s plight are not complex. But they probably are new to you.

Yet you might not be interested in the details of what must be done to get our country back on track. I don’t know your position. So, let’s just leave it at that.

I will be honest with you. As a Democrat, it pains me to do something like this, as it might seem I am endorsing her equally clueless opponent, David Crimmen. We are, indeed, facing a severe economic crisis and Mr. Crimmen is so “inside the box” with his free market ideological stance I could almost puke at the prospect of him representing you and me in Congress.

However, as far as I am concerned, Ms. Slaughter’s opponent could be Mickey Mouse and it would not matter. Louise has demonstrated she is not willing to stand up for the little guy — those who have been chewed up and spit out by Wall Street and this free market casino they call an economy. I have had enough. I hope you have, too.

If you’re a little guy like me, then join this effort to stand in opposition to the direction our nation is taking.

Here is what I propose.

First, e-mail Louise. Tell her what we are doing.

You might say something like this: “I am joining the effort to remove you from office. Your failure to stand up for the little guy in voting for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout is contemptible. This was your chance to represent the principles expressed in the Constitution’s Preamble and you blew it. You are no longer fit for the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Go ahead. Copy and paste that. Or say whatever you want.

Look, I know this might seem crazy. I understand, too, this might make you uncomfortable. I am sure there are other things we could do, but at least this is something. It’s a start. It seems we are so terribly isolated. I thought this might be a way to reveal we are not as helpless as it may seem sometimes.

Please join me. Just this once. Put away your skepticism. Take this simple act.

Okay, so that’s step 1Email Congresswoman Slaughter and let her know your objection to her support for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.

Step 2… Send a blank email to NoSlaughter (at) yahoo (dot) com. Make the subject line “End the Slaughter.”

This is for the press and for Washington. This is how we let our so-called “leadership” and our so-called “free press” get some better idea of how many of us are ready to fight the direction this nation is taking. It’s the wrong path and we have had enough.

A blank email will do. You don’t need to say anything. It will take you all of 15 seconds to “get ‘er done.”

We need to get upwards of 100,000 Rochesterians to join this effort, and we’ve got four weeks to do it. If we succeed, then maybe we will light a fuse.

Step 3… Email people you know and ask them to take a look at the letter that brought you here. Ask them to join us.

Let’s make this Wall Street bailout the virus that kills Louise Slaughter’s political career. Enough is enough. Won’t you help give this effort momentum? Email just one friend. Ten would be even better.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

Oh, wait! Would you like sound, free guidance on how you can save your 401(k) from destruction? What I can show you is all very simple. If you can dial a phone, then you can do what’s necessary to recover all you have lost over the past year or so. I will show how you can make it all back, and then some, over the next few years.

Here’s an ad I placed on CraigsList describing a bit more about what you can expect from me.

If you wish, just email me direct at TGolden21 (at) gmail (dot) com … Subject: “401(k)”

I will reply back promptly with instructions.

Let me assure you. I will respect your privacy and do nothing to violate your trust.

Feel free to leave a comment here if you have something constructive to say about this campaign to give Louise Slaughter the boot for her unwise support of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. I don’t care what excuses she has for doing this. The bailout does nothing to solve the problems we face and does everything to perpetuate a bankrupt status quo. I have had enough and I hope you have, too.

If you will, too, please keep vulgar language out of any remarks you make. Let’s try to keep this civil, okay?

Country Before Principle?

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That’s my question to the far-right freak show hijacking the Republican Party’s convention in St. Paul.

St. Paul… As ever, a childish leadership once again demonstrates its nasty sense of humor.

Lord knows which master a Tory serves. He also knows a true American’s humility…

“Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?
“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'”
— Matthew 7:22-23

Senator Biden: The New and Improved Dick Cheney?

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Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) showed his true Tory colors during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight.

Spouting British Foreign Office policy toward Russia … following his concrete revelation demonstrating THIS Democratic Party fully intends to further the war on fundamentalist fleas … makes LAUGHABLE the pledge to America’s forgotten middle class … let alone the poor.

Several Scriptural ideas come to mind…

You cannot serve God and mammon, Senator.

Why do you point out the speck in your brother’s eye when there is a board in your own?

The policy of a deranged aristocracy simply will not do, Senator. If you wish to serve the British Empire, then move to London.

On the Abraham Lincoln Write-in Campaign

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A speech like this must make many a Democrat wonder how Senator Obama won the Party’s nomination for President. However, one only need contemplate the role played by a Tory-dominated, so-called “Free Press” and all the wonder suddenly dissipates.

It seems any thinking Democrat who recognizes how the power of a deranged, bankrupt aristocracy is being protected from on high. both on the left and on the right — there is no such thing as a “liberal” media; it is all Tory — might vote with me…

With all due respect, Senator Clinton, I am writing in the name Abraham Lincoln. If this should result in your friend, Senator McCain, becoming President, so be it.

Your speech failed to say how Senator Obama’s prospective policy represents something worthy of the Party of FDR. Much the same as Congressman Kucinich, I heard your perspective and not what to expect with either Carter clone Obama or that son-of-a-Bush McCain.

With all due respect, Congressman, we are awake. And we want that Tory twit Pelosi gone…

Looking Into the American Abyss

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“As the prospect of a U.S. Presidential election-campaign of Senator Obama against Senator McCain most strongly suggests, it is not this or that prominent individual, but the very adopted culture of a people, which is the actual authority which impels leaders and led alike into wreaking their common doom upon themselves. So, it is in each of the cultures presented in Shakespeare’s tragedies; it is the common folly which sweeps the relevant culture from the top to its bottom, which carries all, like the floating objects in a great flood, to that common destruction to which the entirety of that culture conveys its leaders and ruled alike.” — Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. August 25, 2008

Watching the Democratic Party’s national convention in Denver, CO, one cannot help but see the very tragedy gripping our nation within the clutches of self-doom.

The creative deficit this nation quite evidently faces — judging by the calls coming from the pathetic weaklings allowed to take the stage — cannot be repaired with $150 billion spent over ten years on technologies better left behind in the 12th century.

My children, the party of windmills is but the “Dutch” branch of a grotesque tragedy whose face you will better know these next four years; and the party of wildcat finance whose work over fifty years has turned a once-free People into vile, murderous slaves is the same tragedy’s “Anglo” wing.

Tories! Every last one of them…

Obama … McCain … whom do you choose?

Accept neither! But if you must, write in the name Abraham Lincoln. Call yourself into battle against those who seek to make this the Land of the Slave and the Home of the Dead.

Where’s Your Courage?

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is the real deal. Although I do not agree with his anti-nuclear energy policy, his sense of duty in defense of the Constitution’s intent is, I believe, most noteworthy in matters of governance and the role the Congress should play in fostering the economy.

Per his effort to bring impeachment hearings against the President … if just 10% of the people who consider President Bush’s performance downright treasonous were to raise a serious raucous with letters to local representatives and press, people in positions of influence and power might shape up, stop cowardly towing the downright lies that have become the trademark of this administration, and we might then get through the next several months without some kind of upsetting social blow-up.

The real dilemma we face on both sides of the political spectrum is Toryism. If you read FDR speeches, you will get a better sense of how the party of Lincoln has completely sold out to this elitist ideology, as has the Democratic party largely been infiltrated by those who embrace this mindset. Probably the simplest way to understand our dilemma today is see things in light of the colonialism this nation originally was formed to reject. Has some stealth method been used to subject us to become like a colony? Why have the means of production been shut down and the nation largely become a net exporter of unfinished, natural resources? And has some stealth method, again, been used to make this nation behave like a colonial power? What are we doing in Iraq? Why are we scheming to spread the conflict into Iran? How is it al Qaeda is some kind of formidable enemy when they possess neither an industrial base to sustain their war with the West, nor a first-rate intelligence service necessary to win a war? It has taken us five years to make no headway with a bunch of cave dwelling, dog gassing, monkey bar climbing fleas? What is this? Some kind of joke? BUSH MUST GO. CHENEY MUST GO. PELOSI MUST GO. MCCAIN MUST GO. OBAMA MUST GO. TORIES! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

It is little wonder we have become so hated throughout the world. If the idiots of our nation wish for war, then let it once and for all, and finally, be with the British Empire. The people of England, Scotland, Wales and the entire commonwealth have been just as much subjected to the impulses of the scum backing Great Britain as have the people of the United States. With the military might we still possess, we ought direct it where it might bring about a desirable result. Likewise, the cowards doing a deranged aristocracy’s bidding on Wall Street must be made to understand they operate at the pleasure of the People. We would all do well to flood the boards of directors of the major Wall Street firms with copies of the U.S. Constitution, and direct these people simply to read the Preamble, suggesting they either “get it” or face being driven into the sea.

Can you tell I’m a little pissed? Do you think this might have something to do with the fact that, when I was a child we were sending men to the moon, whereas the world my children are given is one in which hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on national intelligence and defense, and yet a bunch of fleas can bring a nation such as ours to its knees in a single day? We are all a bunch of offensive cowards if we allow this to go on any longer, and we surely will receive a coward’s reward if we do. Look how these worthless thugs keep pushing us in the wrong direction! Either they go or we do. It is that simple.

I respect the effort Kucinich is making. If for nothing else because he comes from a middle class family and represents something of what’s possible in this country … at least while we still have it. But most importantly because he is demonstrating courage — something we could all do a lot more to demonstrate in behalf of principles we supposedly stand for. Those institutions who seem to regard the Constitution as a quaint relic must be called out and identified either as a friend of the universal principles for which this nation was formed, or an enemy of not only this state, but of all humanity. The time is now, before our present, inexorable push toward becoming a fascist abomination becomes irreversible.

Impeachment Now!

Kucinich UFO Kidnaps Russert, Demands Mr. Market

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Tim RussertThey say the pen is mightier than the sword…

Today’s headline is my tribute to Tim Russert on his passing … written as an opponent to NAFTA, the WTO, unrestrained free trade, globalization and a media so sold out to British Toryism that, on the passing of one of its own, I will take the road less traveled and fight fire with fire.

Anyone who has been closely following the presidential campaign since last year — probably the most important in our lifetimes … now reduced to another heaping helping of more of the same disgusting Toryism so far removed from the principles enunciated in our Constitution’s Preamble it baffles a thinking man’s imagination — knows precisely what the headline to today’s post means. On this count, then, I need not say any more than that, I am willing to wage a noble battle in the spirit of the American Revolution … even over the body of a dead man.

Now, about that ransom…

If you have read “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,” you have some sense of how the stock market’s strong hand insiders work to shake weak hands of their shares. A moment for such an event appears to be imminently at hand.

Conditions going into options expiration week are eerily similar to October, 1987.

This is an outlook I make neither lightly nor without substantiation. Conditions promoting extreme volatility have been well-baked into our contemporary world’s financial arrangement. This has in no small part come about as a consequence of a media lacking courage to exercise its freedom of expression and fortitude to speak out against tyranny whose present manifestation is no different than 232 years ago.

The American media’s absent embrace of the principle of classical humanism and its historical representation through the Great American Experiment is what ought rightly be mourned, rather than the loss of a practitioner of the art of deception.

Red, White and Blue Eyes Lectures the Neo-Con Nazi Menace

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Do you suppose the irrational “Nazi werewolves” in this clip were cast as children coincidentally?

Who else is sick of an American political establishment doing their level best to make a sucker outta ya?

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