Where’s Your Courage?

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is the real deal. Although I do not agree with his anti-nuclear energy policy, his sense of duty in defense of the Constitution’s intent is, I believe, most noteworthy in matters of governance and the role the Congress should play in fostering the economy.

Per his effort to bring impeachment hearings against the President … if just 10% of the people who consider President Bush’s performance downright treasonous were to raise a serious raucous with letters to local representatives and press, people in positions of influence and power might shape up, stop cowardly towing the downright lies that have become the trademark of this administration, and we might then get through the next several months without some kind of upsetting social blow-up.

The real dilemma we face on both sides of the political spectrum is Toryism. If you read FDR speeches, you will get a better sense of how the party of Lincoln has completely sold out to this elitist ideology, as has the Democratic party largely been infiltrated by those who embrace this mindset. Probably the simplest way to understand our dilemma today is see things in light of the colonialism this nation originally was formed to reject. Has some stealth method been used to subject us to become like a colony? Why have the means of production been shut down and the nation largely become a net exporter of unfinished, natural resources? And has some stealth method, again, been used to make this nation behave like a colonial power? What are we doing in Iraq? Why are we scheming to spread the conflict into Iran? How is it al Qaeda is some kind of formidable enemy when they possess neither an industrial base to sustain their war with the West, nor a first-rate intelligence service necessary to win a war? It has taken us five years to make no headway with a bunch of cave dwelling, dog gassing, monkey bar climbing fleas? What is this? Some kind of joke? BUSH MUST GO. CHENEY MUST GO. PELOSI MUST GO. MCCAIN MUST GO. OBAMA MUST GO. TORIES! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

It is little wonder we have become so hated throughout the world. If the idiots of our nation wish for war, then let it once and for all, and finally, be with the British Empire. The people of England, Scotland, Wales and the entire commonwealth have been just as much subjected to the impulses of the scum backing Great Britain as have the people of the United States. With the military might we still possess, we ought direct it where it might bring about a desirable result. Likewise, the cowards doing a deranged aristocracy’s bidding on Wall Street must be made to understand they operate at the pleasure of the People. We would all do well to flood the boards of directors of the major Wall Street firms with copies of the U.S. Constitution, and direct these people simply to read the Preamble, suggesting they either “get it” or face being driven into the sea.

Can you tell I’m a little pissed? Do you think this might have something to do with the fact that, when I was a child we were sending men to the moon, whereas the world my children are given is one in which hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on national intelligence and defense, and yet a bunch of fleas can bring a nation such as ours to its knees in a single day? We are all a bunch of offensive cowards if we allow this to go on any longer, and we surely will receive a coward’s reward if we do. Look how these worthless thugs keep pushing us in the wrong direction! Either they go or we do. It is that simple.

I respect the effort Kucinich is making. If for nothing else because he comes from a middle class family and represents something of what’s possible in this country … at least while we still have it. But most importantly because he is demonstrating courage — something we could all do a lot more to demonstrate in behalf of principles we supposedly stand for. Those institutions who seem to regard the Constitution as a quaint relic must be called out and identified either as a friend of the universal principles for which this nation was formed, or an enemy of not only this state, but of all humanity. The time is now, before our present, inexorable push toward becoming a fascist abomination becomes irreversible.

Impeachment Now!


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