Kucinich UFO Kidnaps Russert, Demands Mr. Market

June 14, 2008 at 7:35 am | Posted in Financial, Political | Leave a comment

Tim RussertThey say the pen is mightier than the sword…

Today’s headline is my tribute to Tim Russert on his passing … written as an opponent to NAFTA, the WTO, unrestrained free trade, globalization and a media so sold out to British Toryism that, on the passing of one of its own, I will take the road less traveled and fight fire with fire.

Anyone who has been closely following the presidential campaign since last year — probably the most important in our lifetimes … now reduced to another heaping helping of more of the same disgusting Toryism so far removed from the principles enunciated in our Constitution’s Preamble it baffles a thinking man’s imagination — knows precisely what the headline to today’s post means. On this count, then, I need not say any more than that, I am willing to wage a noble battle in the spirit of the American Revolution … even over the body of a dead man.

Now, about that ransom…

If you have read “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,” you have some sense of how the stock market’s strong hand insiders work to shake weak hands of their shares. A moment for such an event appears to be imminently at hand.

Conditions going into options expiration week are eerily similar to October, 1987.

This is an outlook I make neither lightly nor without substantiation. Conditions promoting extreme volatility have been well-baked into our contemporary world’s financial arrangement. This has in no small part come about as a consequence of a media lacking courage to exercise its freedom of expression and fortitude to speak out against tyranny whose present manifestation is no different than 232 years ago.

The American media’s absent embrace of the principle of classical humanism and its historical representation through the Great American Experiment is what ought rightly be mourned, rather than the loss of a practitioner of the art of deception.


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